Table Mat - Walnut & Beech - Heat Resistant


Heat Resistant Table Mat - Walnut & Beech Wood

Made of massive walnut and hornbeam. It is protected by a special heat-resistant oil. Walnut and hornbeam layers are combined with food safety certified, heat-resistant glue.  It was covered with colorless, non-layering vegetable natural oil, revealing the natural beauties of wood.Oval cut edges and two different colors will beautify your kitchen.


All the works from drawing to white paper to packing the product are being done in our workshop. We only sell the products that we produce. You can use it safely.




Natural Oil


15cm*15 cm*1.2cm

Note: Manually assembled and sanded. There may be minor changes in dimensions.

Important :

This product is made of natural materials. The color and lines of the tree used will vary with sample photographs.