Scope Desktop Organizer - Sapele & Walnut


Scope Desktop Organizer - Sapele & Walnut

Scope Desktop Organizer made from walnut tree. It helps you keep everything you want on your desk together and organized, such as pencils, notepads, paper clips, erasers, rulers and compasses.

Made of natural walnut and sapele wood that will keep it intact for many years. We covered it with natural oil. The natural oil we use protects the wood and does not form a layer that will change the appearance. We put forth a real wood craftship. Scope Desktop Organizer is the work of progressive and quality production. It will add value to your table for a long time. You can use it as a phone stand.

You will enjoy using the Scope organizer and keeping it on your desk with its curved design. The desktop organizer is designed to safely house everything you need.

Scope Desktop Organizer is compatible with the other complementary items set. You can use them side by side as a set and organize and beautify your home or office.

Production :

All the works from drawing to white paper to packing the product are being done in our workshop. We only sell the products that we produce. You can use it safely.

Materials :

Walnut Wood

Sapele (Mahogany) Wood

Natural Oil

Dimensions :


Note: Manually assembled and sanded. There may be minor changes in dimensions.

Important :

This product is made of natural materials. The color and lines of the tree used will vary with sample photographs.