Reka Cable Management Box and Organizer - Sliding Cover - Small

Cable Management and Storage Solution

Store the cables in a convenient place, free from mess.
Easily use the multi-socket in a dust-free environment with sliding cover, cable entry and exit openings
Designed to fit almost any size of cable and adapter.
Safety for Children and Pets

Protect children and pets from directly touching electrical outlets and other electrical equipment.
Reclaim lost floor and table space with a simple, aesthetic and elegant solution for cable management.
Charging Station

The raised edges on the cover of Reka Cable Management & Organizer provide a safe and comfortable place to store your small electronic devices while charging.
Reka Cable Organizer, which is the result of modern design, traditional wood joining techniques, quality materials and craftsmanship, offers the durability that you can use safely for many years while beautifying your desk.
We protect wood with natural vegetable oil that does not form a layer or change color.

Production :

All the works from drawing on white paper to packing the product are being done in our workshop. We only sell the products that we produce. You can use it safely.

Materials :

Walnut Wood

Natural Oil

Dimensions :


Note: Manually assembled and sanded. There may be minor changes in dimensions.

Important :This product is made of natural materials. The color and lines of the tree used will vary with sample photographs.