Guarantee Conditions

Our products are under a six-month guarantee from the date of delivery to the customer against material and production defects. This guarantee is applicable to the real customer only and cannot be transferred.

WOODSAKA Guarantee does not cover the side products-tools that are used together with our products. Our guarantee does not cover problems from such user mistakes as dropping and exposure to humidity, heat etc.

WOODSAKA provides services such as fixing, exchange or money return for damages/defects incurred from normal use.

Guarantee Procedure

To make use of our guarantee, you need to contact us. Our customer service will provide you with the shipping information. Send us the product(s) according to the information we give. When we receive the product, we will examine it and, in case we find a problem from production or material, we will initiate the process for exchange or money return.

For more information about our Guarantee conditions, you can send us an email via support@woodsakastore.com.