Wood Adhesives - Thypes of Wood Adhesives and Their Use

Wood Adhesives - Thypes of Wood Adhesives and Their Use

Working with wood often requires a good adhesive. Adhesive is a sine qua non for any kind of wood shop as well as for hobby. Each type of adhesive comes with their particular formula, hence, area of use. Use of adhesive type depends on what to stick together and at what stage of the project they are to be used. Let me briefly introduce few of the many types of adhesives that crowd the shelves at Woodsaka.

PVA adhesive

Also knowns as plastic adhesive, Polyvinyl acetate (PVA) is the most common type of adhesive. If you have wood adhesive at home, it is mostly likely a PVA adhesive. It is a type of artificial resin, made from water, coal, vinegar acid and lime. Those specially produced are water proof. The main advantage of PVA adhesives is their common presence. But, if due attention is not paid during or after the bonding, the dry adhesive on the surface might ruin the project. But we have a good news, the adhesive can easily be washed away before drying.

Gluten Adhesives

Gluten adhesives have been used for centuries. Made of animal skin and bone, a certain type of it gets softer when warmed and harder when cold. Another type is liquid gluten adhesive, which is cold in bottle. It can be used like a PVA adhesive but it has an advantage: It does not impact the varnish on the wood.  

So long as water resistance is not sought, this adhesive can be chosen comfortably. But it is not durable against humidity, therefore it should not be chosen for projects that will be exposed to a wet environment.


Epoxy is composed of two pieces. When the two elements are mixed, the chemical reaction leads the epoxy to harden. Most of other adhesives will be of little use if the two surfaces to be glued together has a gap. But epoxy fills the gap and sticks well. Some epoxy adhesives dry in five minutes, some others may take longer. The longer it takes, the best the result will be. 

Other than wood, it can be used to stick many other materials such as glass and metal. It can also be used when sticking wood and any other material. It is a handy tool for fixing. If utilized well, even a sharp eye will not notice the parts glued together.

CA Adhesive

Siyanoakrilat (cyanoacrylate) is also called super glue. It is used to stick together hard materials. It is also very practical to be used on wood. It dries very quickly and if you are in a hurry, you can even fasten the drying by using an accelerator. 

Polyurethane Adhesive

polyurethane Adhesive, also known as sea adhesive, is activated with humidity. It dries very quickly and resistant to water. 

Polyurethane adhesive is used especially for outdoor furniture manufacturing because it is resistant to humidity. But if the two surfaces are not well-integrated, it may not be much use. Because, unlike apoxy. It cannot fill in the gaps.

Creation is fun. If we want to be satisfied with the products of our hands, we need to bring together the right tools. In the next article, I will continue to talk about adhesives.

See you then,


Fatma Elif

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