Tree of the Kings: Padauk

Tree of the Kings: Padauk


This morning I found Woodsaka workshop to have been dressed in a lovely red color. It appears that it will indeed be a “colorful” day because there is padauk tree at the CNC  and grinder. Padauk has a color which is almost surreal and it gets even richer and deeper when it meets the sunlight.

So where does this exotic beauty hail from? Padauk is a tropical tree and can be found in India, Indonesia, South Pacific, West Africa and South Florida. It can grow as large as     30-40 meters long and 1 meter wide. The crust of the tree has a reddish color.

In Latin, it is called “Pterocarpus,” that is, winged fruit. This name comes from the seeds unusual shape. The rim of the round seeds have flat wings that make it look like a saucer. So, we may consider them as wings.

But the most striking feature of Padauk is its color. Dark orange or reddish orange and at time even purple colored, the unique color of the tree is sometimes called “vermilion” (light red). 

Also called “tree of the kings,” Padauk found itself a special place in 15th and 16th century France as a cup and wine glass. In later centuries, it is also seen in European palaces,  this time in the form of imperial furniture and flooring.

Sure, the only feature of Padauk is not its special colors. It belongs to hard trees family.  The wood is hard and sturdy. It is very resistant to decay and termites.

When all of these features are coupled with ease of use and striking colors, Padauk is elevated to a special place in the eyes of wood craftsmen and artists.

Padauk tree has a wide variety of use - from acoustic and electronic guitar to decorative objects. Aside from furniture, it is sought in turnery. Who would not like to have a vase or a pen made from Padauk? It can also be used to built sea-capable vessels.

We make padauk desktop sets. This picture below reflects the very original color and fabric of the tree; we did not apply any paint on it. Isn’t it beyond belief? Another interesting and special thing about this case is, as you use it, the color will not fade away; to the contrary,  it will get deeper and darker. It will get more charming and beautiful.

As a last note, the best about working with Padauk is, in my view, the great color and the smell which reminds me cotton candies or bubble gums.

Wish you a colorful and beautiful day.


Fatma Elif

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