Levity Effect: Making Job a Fun Undertaking

Levity Effect: Making Job a Fun Undertaking


Don’t say how a wood workshop could be a fun place. We can find many fun ways to get rid of the work-related stress and tiredness. But today I will not talk about us, but how in general work can actually turn into something fun.

Many people work in stressful environment. There are tasks to be completed, products to be quality checked and orders to be delivered… When psychological burden adds to the physical burden and sulky, formal, unhappy faces, one cannot help but wish to run away.

But where to run away? So, it is not possible to run away, we just bear with it. Is this an unavoidable human condition? The book that I mentioned in my earlier post, The Levity Effect, argues that this condition can be changed for the better to a certain degree. The book rests it s arguments on researches made on this matter.

A sincere effort to encourage fun and light jokes make the employer to be more involved in the company. With the increase in happiness in business environment, business volume increases, worker quality improves and friendship among the company personnel is reinforced. Stress is as bad for productivity as health.

Then, how to increase happiness? This depends on the type of business and business environment. Let me give you some examples, nonetheless. I am sure you can locate some that may fit in your own business.

To meet up regularly in a park or in a favorite place in the town.

An half an hour basketball break or maybe just a video game to add to a business trip.

Paid leave to the workers in their birthday -- or a small party.

If there is a sports field nearby, at times, to organize evening competitions.

Maybe a singing contest.

To launch a public bulletin in the wall with every worker contributing something. Art is therapeutic.

To organize inter-department chess or football tournaments.

Some simple steps to make the offices look more beautiful: a pot of flower, holiday pictures, or funny magnets…

To bring small gifts to the employers at the return from a holiday.

Having worked 1 or 2 hours on an important project, to have a 10-15 minutes break. But these breaks should not be spent at the laptop or smart phone.

If the work environment allows, to take care of a domestic animal. For example, at Woodsaka, we have a number of street dogs that know that we always keep a bucket of water outside our workshop.

Before I forget the most important one; to make a good coffee or tea always available :)

The list can be made longer. It can be adjusted according to the nature of the work. What is important is to change the convention that “a work cannot be fun.”

Wish you a sunny day.


Fatma Elif

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